Troika Says Civilian-led Authority is Crucial for any Support to Sudan’s Economy

By: Sudan Tribune

KHARTOUM – The Troika (UK, US, Norway) Tuesday urged the Sudanese parties to conclude a swift agreement on power transfer to civilian-led authority saying any failure would prevent support to Sudan economic development.
Talks between the military council and the Forces for Freedom and Change (FFC) are deadlocked over the presidency and the majority of the 11-member Sovereign Council. Both, they want to preside it and have the majority of seats.
“Any outcome that does not result in the formation of a government that is civilian-led, placing primary authority for governing with civilians, will not respond to the clearly expressed will of the Sudanese people for a transition to civilian rule,” said the Troika.
“This will complicate international engagement, and make it harder for our countries to work with the new authorities and support Sudan’s economic development,” further stressed the statement.
The U.S. State Department hosted last week a meeting on ways to support a civilian-led government in Sudan, as the country is experiencing difficult economic conditions that will hamper democratic transition.

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