FFC Calls for Two-Day General Strike Tuesday, Confirm Differences on Powers of Sovereign Council

By: Al-Sammani Awadallah

Khartoum – Forces of Freedom and Change (FFC) announced a strike in public and private institutions and companies on Tuesday and Wednesday after the failure to reach a compromise solution with the Transitional Military Council (TMC) on the sovereign council.
FFC member, Sidiq Faroug Al-Sheikh said that the negotiation with the TMC is focused on a single point of disagreement, namely the formation of the sovereign council, and that they demand a civilian majority and a rotating presidency, pointing out that as a result of different visions with the TMC, the said issue was referred to technical committees to bring the views closer, in the light of the adherence of the TMC to have the majority and the presidency of the sovereign council..
Al-Sheikh stressed that the strike will begin within the public and private institutions and companies, and craft sectors on Tuesday, with “continuing the propaganda work of the strike committees and the neighborhood committees of the strike and civil disobedience”.
Al-Sheikh told Sudan Vision that there is no solution, but concessions by TMC, stressing that FFC will not make concession, as they made great concessions to the TMC, pointing out that FFC wants powers to be in the hand of the council of ministers, but the TMC also wants an executive powers, indicating their desire to establish external relations that serve the interests of the Sudanese people and not the interests of other countries..
 He said they had not yet received any invitation from the TMC to continue negotiations after they reached a dead end in the last round of negotiations, stressing that they do not want any extra powers to the sovereignty council and that these powers are limited, adding that they will not give up the civilian majority in the sovereign council.

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