Shueib Regrets Failure to Reach Final Agreement


Khartoum – The head of the Democratic National Forces Alliance, Fadl Al Seed Shueib, regrets vehemently that the transitional military council (TMC) and the declaration of freedom and change forces (DFCF) are not to reach a final agreement, pointing out that the negotiations should not to get limited to only two parties to the exclusion of the other active political forces-a situation that is not to lead to satisfactory and just solutions.
He goes on to say that although their vision regarding the formation of the transitional government has been accepted by TMC and DFCF, but, still they do refuse the percentages that are allocated, especially for the other political forces.
The Head of the Democratic National Forces Alliance concludes his remarks to urge for the formation of a government of competences whose aim is the implementation of the programs of the transitional period, affirming that they have no desire to participate in the cabinet of the forthcoming transitional government.

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