Survival of Upcoming Civilian Government Depends upon Adoption of Certain Measures: Al-Mahdi

By: Ahmed Ibrahim

Khartoum – Leader of National Umma Party (NUP) , Imam Al-Sadiq Al-Mahdi, reveals an irrevocable conviction that only through democracy all the predicaments that have plagued the country can be overcome and resolved, going further to tell this story that he experiences during the former Ingaz government, particularly in the early 1989. ‘I am pressured to condemn democracy as a failure method of rule or to face prompt physical liquidation’, explaining that he responds challengingly that is not true. ‘On the contrary, democracy is the best one compared with all dictatorships invariably’.
On the gathering before the military command headquarters, he says that one prominent cadre of the former ruling national congress party told them that an order has been issued to disperse the protesters there forcibly-a situation that angers Al Mahdi to determine immediately the joining of the crowds there.
On the transitional period, especially the upcoming civilian government, the chairperson of National Umma party talks elaborately about the factors that are to consolidate its survival. ‘It should be preceded by the following; a national comprehensive peace conference that is to involve all the armed groups as well as the revolutionary bloc, should be held. Economic reform based on a national economic conference should be carried out. The deeply rooted former regime should be dismantled. Holding of a national conference to tackle Sudan’s regional and international relations; and the holding of a national constitutional conference’.
Al Mahdi stresses that the aforementioned points are so crucial to determine the success or failure of the transitional period, adding that support of the international community to the country is much associated with implementation of measures as such.
He concludes his remarks to say that Sudan has to sign the charter of the international criminal court –a move that is to reflect positively and in many areas, especially, the normalization of relations with international community and the cancellation of debts.

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