Be Slim and Healthy in Holy Ramadan

Neimat al Naiem

Health and wellbeing is very important to everybody. Malnutrition or sickness threats human beings as well as animals; safety, fitness supporting and pushing forward to achieve work or any business. Diseases in affects generally on the performance .Exercises are important
To get slim and healthy is one of the requirements for body safety. To lose or cause to lose weight, as by dieting or exercise, taking exercise is one way of keeping slim. It has direct relation with health. Ramadan is an opportunity to lose weight for the long hours of fasting from pre-dawn up to sunset.
These long hours of fasting for almost 30 days or less may lead to losing of weight. Managing your weight means keeping your body weight at a level that is healthy for you. To make balance between the basic needs of the body and desire in eating any kinds of foods is so important for the slimness and the body health. For example meat, vegetables, fruits are considered the main components of any meal.
Most doctors recommend a target loss of 1-2 pounds per week. To lose one pound of fat, means you must burn 3,500 more calories than what you can eat. To lose one pound a week, you would need to burn 500 extra calories
Being overweight or obese can lead to many health problems including high blood pressure, breathing problems, certain cancers. Ramadan, this holy month is considered a good opportunity to lose some pounds during the long hours of fasting since pre-dawn to the sunset. The healthy foods that you take at Iftar until Sahoor will provide the body with various kinds of food of high quality.
Slimness doesn’t mean hunger or fasting all the time. It is some sort of making balance between the actual needs and the quantity of food that the body needs.

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