National Ummah Party “Rejects Declared General Strike”

By: Zuleikha Abdel Raziq

Khartoum- The opposition National Ummah Party, led by Al Sadiq Al Mahdi, has declared its rejection of the general strike declared by some opposition parties, saying that strike is a weapon under agreed conditions and is decided if need arises by a leadership council that is expected to be formed by the coalition of the Declaration of Freedom and Change.
The party said in a statement issued yesterday following an urgent meeting of the higher coordinating council of the party held on Saturday that the council had adopted a number of resolutions.
The statement said that the expected leadership council is due to be formed at a meeting of the components of the Forces of Freedom and Change on Monday at the party headquarters in Omdurman, as decided by a comprehensive meeting of the coalition held last Thursday.
It stressed that the meeting of the higher coordination council of the party heard a memorandum presented by Chairman Al Sadiq Al Mahdi to address the political situation and agreed upon it in principle, and made some remarks in the order and timing, and decided to expand consultation with allies on it.
The council discussed the idea of ??holding free general elections and acknowledged that it was the democratic means, but considered that its holding requires specific measures to ensure its fairness and protect it from the instruments of empowerment which were instilled by the deposed regime, stressing that free and fair elections would not be achieved except through these requirements.
The statement stressed keenness of the party to continue understanding with the military council in order to achieve the objectives of the Revolution and the national interest.
It said keenness on the popular revolution requires that the Forces of the Declaration of Freedom and Change should be united.
The statement said that this requires avoiding the non-calculated and non-agreed upon initiatives, as well as ensuring that all forces that opposed the deposed regime are not excluded.
The statement said that the party would carry out a wide popular movement within the capital and regions, and the Sudanese abroad, to expand support for the revolution, and in preparation to protect it from the backlash of the counter-revolution that started to appear.

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