Richest Country in Animals Resources, but still Meat Prices Unaffordable: Jibreel

Ahmed Ibrahim

Khartoum – Now, the price hikes of meat are not without reactions; a meat boycott campaign has been launched to curb the phenomenon. Many express their opinion on the issue. To begin with, head of the economy committee of the Sudanese association for consumer protection, Dr. Hussein Jibreel, says that the boycott as a weapon is a well known technique that is often adopted by communities who are clearly aware of their rights. ‘When meat prices have illogically been skyrocketing; then this is the time that the Sudanese begin to respond positively to the call of the campaign to abstain from buying meat – a situation that results in huge losses to the butchers.
He affirms that such a policy has already been applied in the advanced Western nations through which the consumers have succeeded to urge the butchers to reduce prices to the lowest reasonable prices, pointing out that the consumer is the king of the market to whom the producers should succumb to their demands to make meat prices affordable.
The head of the economy committee of the Sudanese association for consumer protection sees the subject matter of meat is not without discrepancy; while the country is the richest in resources, animal and agricultural, but, still prices of meat are found to go up incredibly.
Jibreel concludes his remarks to say that they do expect that the current campaign should succeed in bringing down prices to normal and affordable levels to the extent that any citizen will be in a position to buy it.

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