Thanks to Allah: We are Not They!

I believe every similar group of people living in specific place ,they have got from Allah their own traits, which distinguish them from other nations, this differences are very clear in ;habits, traditions, garments, styles ,eating ,drinking, talking, marriages, celebrations in sorrows or happiness, these things and others are the key to every nation to be known within their society, or even abroad ,such uniqueness give this group motto of her own, to be respect, known as it want to be locally and universally.
It is parent that part of such group may try to deny to its origin, to try to imitate other culture which has no connection with his,we notice such behavior happen among those who immigrate to, when they try to melt in the new society they take off their old garment ,then put the the new, this way of life may cost them much, to behave as they, do what they do, such following is harming one’s dignity, otherwise they lose their characters, when getting back home they look down their country culture!
We will never stand up  with respect, aloofly,  unless we build our own character, to be proud of our own heritage, not shame of our present ,or past, today’s world respect those who believe in their own, not others, to be independent doesn’t mean to isolate from the other world, not just to be as you are created to act
Some people of these days are not realistic enough to face their own problems, when such obstacles appear ,like family quarrels, on road differences which occur from time to time between people ,at work it may happen to have a hot chat with your companion ,I think it is normal to come across such matters ,so it is life to examine your patient, wisdom ,knowledge, beside hoe to overcome such problems without losing ,your family members, friends ,neighbors, and your companions at work, they see everything black, become doom, feeling lost, loose delicious taste of sugary things ,prefer to close themselves in narrow corners than sharing their pains with their dear friends, such persons are going to be on expense of productive folk ,due to their being placing themselves away from the society, they will not be able o be active, or  participate in building their community, because they  had been  beaten  from within, the great fear her is; if they don’t cure themselves quickly ,they may affect others by their sadness, gloomy thoughts, as a result of this the circle of pessimistic is going o increase, instead   decrease.
I, always step away when I see somebody daring Allah in his deeds or statements, it shows me he or she are spirituality empty, this emptiness mostly blind him to calculate his tasks , that is why he never mind daring anything to have what he thing he needs, such person he comes to power, he may destroy the world by his calculations, certainly he may based on his imaginations issue a decree arm majority of the innocent people, why not he hasn’t got internal deterrent no fear of super power in side him, he depend on his material things only, neglecting that he or she are created by superpower to act according to the orders he has written in the side the holy books, but who reads them carefully to come out with tangible results?
Actually; managing matters that concern huge people is not an easy issue, it demand broad mind full of experiments, expertise, bias, and so so many thing must be met in this character to stand before people, isn’t a matter of being strong surrendered by bodyguards.
Certainly, who watch the current accidents which happens nowadays worldwide, feel that there is something may shake the stability of the world, why the credibility between superpowers are not available, itself emanated from religion and definitely not from social values, which dominate our modern world, the consequences of applying this worldly values in our live effected us negatively, now there is no credibility between people as well as government, the distance from Allah scholars which it written in holy books in mostly went on the wrong way, the majority of  preachers in most countries have left their duties, and now are seeking getting their living from other means ,people need to relook of their relation with Allah to help them getting out of this dark tunnel other wise we will not be able to overcome our eve simple matters.
Consequences of absence of honest among nations pushed nation to wave conspiracies , making second plan to avoid being deceived by the other, putting in mind the other have the same sense, so both are going to exchange non credibility by having reserve plans, if they were believers ,they would have-not deceived others, actually they aren’t! I expect to see more challenges to face mankind, due to their neglecting obeying ALLAH, our responsibility to advice people all folks, regard less of their; colors, ethnic, doctrines, places, belongings, et Cetra, they all must pay attention to this in fact; this world is not make for nothings, it is made to follow orders which have come to us by prophets.
Thankfully, a lot of good people are available among us doing by spreading awareness, advising making excellent examples for righteousness people in our societies not only in Sudan but worldwide; those are the pillars of the peace we are breathing now globally.
IT IS time for all people, where ever they live  to relook of handling matters with those who don’t care much about values, why because what they believe in is completely differ from us, they haven’t get the faith of Allah, who ever lose this ,we consider him lost, may be in his personal conception living well; eating ,drinking, wearing best clothes, comfortable house, luxury house, receipt at the bank, lots of servants ,high position in his community, what else remain nothing to have, nothing, even women wins ,gambling, everything you guess you discover he is enjoying,  area always on, they don’t know even what to do with the money they have, only one thing they feel are lacking ;that is tranquility, the soul nutrition is absence, no peace inside one’s spirit, the spirituality is sided, this why plenty of killings, rapes, stealing, misappropriations happens, forgeries, fakes, every sort of crime you put it in your mind you find it before of you, alas what is going on? Why rich people are not enjoying their live? Because they haven’t got deterrent from committing illegal things, they feel they are above the law, due  to  this they have the sense of loosing something which is very important for their live to have, money is an essential part of our live we can’t have our needs without it, it is a tool to bring goods with, not more than that, ways of getting it is drawn by Allah to us, shown in all the holy books, briefly legal gains, without cheating, if it done like this, all the people in different parts of the world, are going to have pacific weather, clean, not polluted, or poisoned by dirty works ,which done beyond curtains.
Main reason, which pushed people to lose trust between them is dishonest, deceiving ,cheating ,breaking promises, dishonesty make inventors to invent cameras to control entering, leaving from every place, to monitor who committed the theft, to give me full information about any personal entered the any place when the crime was committed, believe me if the level of trust is high the people will not be in need to intensify the products of surveillance in any place, fear is everywhere now, because there is no full justice, that why we have got much bodyguards moving day and night with top officials, why this situation is globally ,pervasive in every part in the world nowadays.
Blooming, of military equipments, cyber devices, surveillances, spying, all these things prove; that we are edging critical era, absence of conscience, material dominating, faith deterioration, greedy, spread of killing for trivial reasons, the weak will be lost among the strong’s, no neutrality here, either you with me or against me! The criteria of dealing between nations is measured by interests only, you stand by me because I’m strengthening by you, the way of living is going to be narrowed by the time, no colonization will happen, but people who are wanted to be exploited are going to be guided by their leaders, those who lost humanity are going to be the tools of exhausting their people wealth, forgetting their affiliation, belonging ,relatives, just them self, they are formed to moved by remote control, nothing remain to fight for, there is lost. All they have new nationality hanging on their chests.
Sorrow for those who are lost in pleasures, forgetting their duties, believing or pretending that ,there is no limit for chaos, calls by poor’s, needy, weak, will never go for nothing, indeed rights one day, definitely will back to their owners  might or weakness, will never last, it is a period determined by ALLAH, when your time is over, someone will snatch the pen from your hand, that is what we call game over, it is time for calculation! Are you ready?
We in dire need to see people who defy challenges, stand solid towards winds, never surrender when sees difficulties, turn impossibilities into possible, this the man of today, attempting is his always motto after depending on Allah, let us hope to have a world full of graces, emotionality’s are always between people, no hatred, all for one and one for all,
The sense of cooperation encourage feeling of unity among people, I can’t get rid of you, and me can’t neglect you, we need each other for the best of our world, sense like this generate integrity spirit of living together, hence is going to be the farewell of wars, conflicts, thus all universe is going to have security in moving and safety in dealing, beside tranquility in trusting each other.
To sum up my points,I say it is essential to depend on yourself to be something important to your own, then you family ,society, last your country, heritage never vanish, as today civilization can’t be neglected, melting past culture with present conception may help to surpass the complications people are facing today, anything differ from nature really opposite correct- nature, imported solutions  never replace local one’s.

Dr : Mohammed Saeed Ahmed

Brigadier - Dr : Mohammed Saeed Ahmed
Thanks to Allah
Dr : Mohammed Saeed Ahmed
Dr : Mohammed Saeed Ahmed

Dr : Mohammed Saeed Ahmed

Brigadier - Dr : Mohammed Saeed Ahmed Thanks to Allah Email:

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