FFC Warn of Formation of Government by TMC

By: Sudan Vision

Khartoum – Forces of Freedom and Change (FFC) warned of any attempt to form a government by the Transitional Military Council (TMC), announcing an open political strike and total disobedience in case of disagreement with the TMC.
A member of the negotiation of FFC, Mohamed Naji Al-Asam revealed, in a press conference on Monday evening, the participation of a large number of government institutions and private sector in the declared strike, describing the divergence in visions between the forces of the gathering as normal, stressing their agreement on the minimum and its keenness on its unity and to transfer power to a civilian government in the coming period..
FFC member, Mubarak Ardul warned of the repercussions of forming a government by the military council.

FFC leading figure, Wajdi Saleh stressed that all options are open if no result reached in negotiations with the TMC..

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