I Witness: The Last Reading of the Sudanese Scene

If we want to take the last reading of the “minutes” of the Sudanese political and social scene, we better read carefully the latest statement given by the spokesman of the military council, Lt. Gen. Shams Al-Deen Kabbashi. Asked about the negotiations between them and the freedom and change group, the man “calmly and meaningfully” said that they are going in a “weak manner”!
The statement seemed to be a bit “ambiguous” if not “misleading”! But the influential military commander didn’t want his statement to be taken in that way. He explained what he meant by saying “weak manner”! He said that that “weak manner” will lead to a series of “options” that could better “observe” and verify the welfare of the Sudanese citizens and the safety of the homeland. Those words were chosen very carefully and the spokesman in fact was answering a series of questions and “concerns” about the agreement that was said to be reached between the military council and the freedom and change leaders.
Two weeks ago that agreement was said to have concluded 90 percent of its terms and that there was only 10 percent left. The leaders of the freedom and change (i.e.) the communists started to prepare their “Smoking” full suits to be ready for the “sworn-in” ceremonies at the Presidential Palace! So Kabbashi was actually saying that those “celebrations” were not that near! Political analysts said that it was true that the agreement was reached but the “devil is in the details”. No.No.No! It is not like that. This has nothing to do with neither the devil, nor the details.
Things are quite different. The agreement between the military and freedom and change was not a well cooked meal. It was made in a hurry and there were a lot of bad intentions behind it. It was not accepted by top leaders in the military council itself, it was said. Most of the national and Islamist factions opposed it, on the ground that it gave the rule of Sudan to a “hated and isolated” faction that is the communists! It was said that the member of the military council who reached the agreement with the communists was not “authorized” to go that far! The military council “listened” to the “voices” of the “silent” and shouting majority of the Sudanese masses and decided to adopt the slow manner so that they can reach an arrangement that could serve the people of Sudan and not the communists!

Abdul Rahman AL-Zuma

I Witness
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Abdul Rahman AL-Zuma

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Abdul Rahman AL-Zuma

Abdul Rahman AL-Zuma

I Witness Email: zumma1888@gmail.com

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