Saeed Visits Jebel-Aulia Military Area


Khartoum – Member of the Transitional Military Council (TMC) and Head of the Professional and Social Committee, Lt. Gen. (Pilot) Sala-Eddin Abdul-Khalig Saeed Monday paid a visit to Jebel Aulia Military Area, accompanied by the Deputy Chief of Staff of Ground Forces for Supply, Gen. Abdul-Rahman Yousif.
Lt. Gen. Saeed has briefed the Military Area’s officers, non-commissioned officers and men on the current situation and progress of the negotiations.
He affirmed that the Armed Forces and the Sudanese people customs will not be harmed, stating that Sharia will be the basis in all legislations.
He said that all the regular forces are operating as one team.
He said that several options are open if an agreement was reached with the Forces for Freedom and Change indicating that all these options are for the interest of the homeland and the Sudanese citizens

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