Spotlight: TMC .. Let Us Go Forward

Since 11th April 2019 the historic day in the Sudanese life that ended 30 years of the one-party regime i.e. National Congress Party (NCP). This day when all Sudanese people came out demonstrating and scattering in all streets in Khartoum and other towns in the different states.
The youth-led demonstrations started on 19th December 2018, repeatedly saying just three words (Freedom, Peace and justice). These three simple words succeeded in overthrowing the dictator regime of the former President Omer al Bashir.
Youth revolution supported by the Forces of Freedom and Change FFC exerted great efforts to stick to this revolution till it realizes its precious dreams and expectations in freedom, peace and justice before that the stable and better life for all.
Sudanese people came from different walks. They came to Khartoum using all kinds of transportation, they came by train (Atbara train is an example), by buses, and even by air. Their destination is the Military Headquarter, where they sit-in. A strong message was sent the Sudanese Armed Forces (SAF), to choose either the revolution side or to be neutral, or end the sit-in by force.
A historic goal was scored by SAF, when it announced support to the demonstrators by protecting them at the sit-area in no time. The Rapid Support Forces (RSF) also had played major role in protecting the demonstrators in the sit-in area and the surroundings.
The full support and efforts of SAF and the RSF are culminated by forming the Transitional Military Council (TMC) since the first days of the revolution on 11th April .The FFC with its different components worked hard and played a major role in this revolution. No one can deny all these efforts. The TMC and the FFC through some representatives of the two sides, are began serious negotiations and bilateral dialogue in order to form a new transitional government to rule Sudan in a short time of transitional period may be two years or less as suggested by the TMC.
Since then the negotiations between the two sides are ups and downs despite the 95% of an agreement to form the new cabinet represented by the TMC and FFC. TMC believes in the participation of all political powers even the armed groups pointed to their right in participation in the upcoming government.
TMC is now running the internal affairs of Sudan in the absence of an elected government. It works till the forming of the upcoming government. The ups and downs in dialogue between the TMC and the FFC may lead to negative results effects on the ongoing of the talks. The differences between the TMC and the FFC are on who is to be the head of the expected sovereignty council, the civilians or the Military forces.
We hope that the two sides will overcome these differences and to cross to the safety horizons of freedom, peace and justice. We say kindly to the TMC let us go forward for the sake of Sudan and Sudanese people who are still suffering from the insecurity and instability. Let us go forward to fulfil their dreams in better life.

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