Talk of the Hour: TMC Sides with FCF to Protect the Revolution

No two persons do disagree that the military, and throughout the history of Sudan has played major illuminating roles, especially when it comes to siding with popular revolutions. When the uprising against former president Nimeir erupts, it is Field Marshal Mohamed Hassan Swar Al Dahab who courageously interferes to get it succeed. Not only this, but even he pledges that his term of office should not to exceed one year. Upon its end, he is seen to leave quietly and peacefully-just to pave the way for a democratically elected government.
This occurrence is not without a precedence; it was at the time of president Aboud. When people started to shout against him, he immediately stepped down to go home unnoticed.
Now, it seems that history is to beautifully repeating itself. When the revolution of the freedom and change forces (FCF) reaches peak levels against the former president of the Ingath government, the support comes promptly from the transitional military council (TMC) whose main intention is to stop imminent occurrence of bloodshed/ massacre. Such a move does not just come out of the blue randomly, but, a reaction to a horrible scenario that was set by former president Al Bashir, to annihilate almost revolutionaries of FCF who have been gathering at the military command headquarters.
However, many additional great deeds have been done by TMC to increase their credibility in the eyes of the Sudanese people. To begin with, it shows much patience in availing ample time to FCF to well organize their ranks for administer the forthcoming transitional period. Since 11 April, the time of toppling the defunct regime and up to the present moment, TMC never stop negotiating them over the matter. As a result, now they are almost reaching a full agreement- more than 90%, so to speak.
Moreover, TMC has empirically shown disinterest to continue ruling the country. While FCF desires a four year transitional period, TMC only opts for two. In authentication of the trend, one member of TMC happens to say this; ‘we are all Suwar Al Dahab’-referring to Field Marshal Mohamed Hassan Swar Al Dahab who sticks to his promise to stay in power for only one year.
Another bright example was general Aboud in the 1960s. Once he hears people shouting against him, then he seriously and practically quitted power to say these golden words; ‘if they are disinterested to see me ruling, I am also disinterested’.

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Ahmed Ibrahim Ballal
Ahmed Ibrahim Ballal

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