Economic Vision: The Impact of Political Conflict on Economy

The dispute between the Change and Freedom Forces (CFF) from one side, and the Transitional Military Council (TMC), on the political issues, has affected the daily life of people, who have been waiting for two months to grape the fruit of their revolution.
Economic reasons were considered as the main motivation, that changed the government of the National Congress Party, which ruled Sudan since 1989, people upraised in 19th of December 2018 against the wrong economic policies, no liquidity in Banks, daily increasing of prices, scarcity of fuels and shortage of food. Also the corruption such as public fund violation so all those factors encouraged people to up rise against the government.
After four months of protests and demonstrations, revolutionists managed to oust Al Bashir from power in 11th of April 2019, so a new political chapter has been opened in the history of Sudan. But unfortunately, the politicians failed to realize the slogan of the revolution “Peace, Freedom and Justice” they failed in the first democracy exercise, the output till now is “Disputes, Conflicts and Selfishness”.
The conflict on power availed chance to traders to increase the prices of the essential commodities, things become more expensive, even before the revolution, as Sudanese we discovered that private interests were become the basic objective of the politicians who are leading the Change and Freedom Forces.
The revolutionists adopt the policy of blocking the roads and streets, to press the Transitional Military Council to hand power to civilians, but people has rejected such way of opposition, road blocking method has harmed the economic activity, and resulted to more suffering, patients don’t access hospitals and traders couldn’t transport goads.
The other tool that the Change and Freedom Forces use is the “Civilian Disobedience” which paralyzes the public services and economic performance, peoples’ livelihood should have to be the number one agenda in the negotiation tables between TMC and CFF, so without economic stability politicians can’t rule and TMC can’t prevail security and the economists will not tackle the economic crisis.

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Economic Vision
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