TMC Blames FFC of All Practices by Resistance Committees at Residential Quarters

By: Al-Sammani Awadallah

Khartoum- The Transitional Military Council (TMC) has blamed the Forces of Freedom and Change (FFC) of all the regrettable incidents that are caused by the so-called resistance committees at the residential quarters that compel the children to block roads in stark violation of the international law a matter that encouraged outlaw persons to commit violations against the citizens and their prosperities as well as police stations.
TMC Member 1st. Lt. Gen. Jamal Omer, the head of the Security Committee, said in a statement issued by the committee that the practice of blocking roads and building barricades by the FFC is an act that is against the law and norms and constitutes a full crime against the citizens of violating their freedoms and preventing them from practicing their normal life.
He pointed out that the TMC has decided to reinforce the security presence of the Armed Forces, Rapid Support Forces and other regular forces to restore normalcy and guaranteeing the security of the citizens besides opening roads, facilitating the movement of the citizens and guarding the strategic utilities and markets.
He added that these forces would continue to make patrols on the field, especially after the citizens did not heed calls for disobedience and as they insist to reach their places of work despite the obstacles.
The TMC pointed out that the outlaw groups that started aggressions against police stations and places of stationing of troops are just organized groups and paid ones by certain circles, explaining that they want through such attempts to obtain weapons, condemning such criminal practice, which is protected by some political forces to create chaos and turning the towns into fields of armed battles.
The council reaffirmed that it is well aware of all these plots, stressing that the components of the security system would remain faithful to the people and their aspirations and committed to their principles for the sake of the homeland and the citizens.
The statement expressed regret of the TMC of such escalating practice by the FFC that contravenes the slogan of the revolution of peaceful means, saying that such practices pose great threat to the security of the citizens and preventing the needy citizens from reaching areas of services such as hospitals, shops, bakeries, pharmacies and fuel service stations besides depriving citizen from travelling internally or abroad.
It stressed that all circulated reports on splits in the components of the security system are just deliberate baseless rumors that are intended to cause panic among the citizens and spreading instability inside the residential quarters, adding that allegations on presence of corpses in the Nile and what is announced by the so-called the Central Doctors Committee on the numbers of victims of ending the sit-in are all untrue and baseless information, noting that the correct information is what announced by the Ministry of Health and police.
The statement reaffirmed that the TMC isn’t hostile to the FFC or any other political forces in the country, reiterating keenness of TMC on realizing the objectives of the Revolution, top of them the democratic transformation, despite all challenges.

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