Transitional Military Council: Road Blocking is Complete Crime


Khartoum – The Transitional Military Council (TMC) has fully held the Forces of the Declaration of Freedom and Change responsible for all the unfortunate events caused by the irrational practices of the so-called resistance committees, which use children and force them to block roads and erect barricades in flagrant violation of international and humanitarian law, a matter that encouraged the unruly persons to attack the citizens properties and police stations in order to obtain weapons for practicing of assaults, looting and robbery.
In a release he issued Sunday, head of the Security Committee of the Transitional Military Council, Lt. Gen. Jamal Omer, pointed out that the method of blocking roads and establishing barriers, which is being practiced by the Forces of Freedom and Change is against law, customs and religion and violates the limits of the exercise of political activity and represents a full crime of encroachment on the freedom of citizens and depriving them from normal life.
He said that the Military Council has decided to reinforce the security presence of the Armed Forces, Rapid Support Forces and other regular forces to restore normal life, secure the unarmed citizens, open roads, facilitate the movement of people, traffic of public and private vehicles and guarding strategic facilities and markets.
He said that these forces will continue to patrol throughout the day in all cities to stand on the ground on the conditions of citizens, especially after refuse of citizens to respond to the calls for disobedience and their determination to reach their work sites despite the obstacles and roadblocks.
He affirmed that the responsibility for maintaining security is not only a military or policing task, but it is the responsibility of all citizens, indicating that citizens can report on the emergency numbers (999) and the mobile number (0127560888) to immediately report any manifestations, violations or practices of anybody or persons aiming at destabilizing security and stability.
The statement expressed the regret of the Military Council to exercise the Forces of the Declaration of Freedom and Change to this escalating behavior, which infringes on the practices of peacefulness and the slogans of the revolution and become a major security burden on the country and the citizens and prevented patients and people with the needs of access to hospitals and areas of services such as shops, refueling, in addition to depriving a big number of citizens of the right to freedom of travel and movement internally and externally between the states or through airports, a matter that resulted in life and material losses for all citizens without exclusion.
The statement stressed that the Transitional Military Council is not an enemy of the Forces of Freedom and Change, nor any other political component in the country, and reiterated the TMC its full commitment to achieve the goals of the revolution, top of them is the democratic transformation, whatever the challenges.

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