Ethiopian Envoy: Two Parties Agreed to Resume Negotiations Shortly


Khartoum – The special envoy of the Ethiopian Prime Minister, Mahmoud Dereir, pointed out that both the Transitional Military Council and the Forces of Freedom agreed that there will not be retreat from what they have agreed upon.
At a press conference he held Tuesday at the premises of the Embassy of Ethiopia, the special envoy announced that the two parties will negotiate in good will about formation of the Sovereign Council.
He said that the two parties agreed to avoid any insult to each other through escalatory statements that would hinder the initiative.
The Ethiopian envoy said the Transitional Military Council has agreed to build confidence by release of the detainees, and that the Forces of the Freedom and Change Declaration agreed to stop the disobedience.
He indicated that the two parties will return to the negotiations shortly, adding that they will present views to overstep the problem of the sovereign council’s formation.
Dereir affirmed that the mediation is working to avoid escalations and exchanged accusations between the two parties, asserting his keenness to press ahead in the initiative.
He expressed his confidence that Sudan is able to surpass the current stage.

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