Forces of Umma Party Supports TMC Decisions


Khartoum – The deputy Chairman of the forces of the umma party(FUP), Jamal Abu-Sail announced  that his party backs  the Military Transitional Council (TMC) to get the Sudan out of the current crisis.
In a press statement toSUNA , Abu Sail called on the military council to stop negotiation  with The forces of freedom and Change, pointing out their demands were impossible and based on  exclusion of others.
He added that his party condemns destructive acts carried out by the forces of the Declaration of Freedom and Change and Sudanese Professionals Association by blocking roads and putting barricades before  pedestrians, vandakizing  the  public facilities and threatening shop owners  and preventing them from doing business, stressing that these practices were contradictory  to slogan of Freedom , Peace and Justice.
Abu-Sail hails, the armed forces, rapid support forces and police for opening roads and removing barricades to bring life back to normalcy .
He said his party supports breaking up of  the sit -ins, but condemns use of  excessive violence that has led to the loss of lives  and bloodshed.
The FUP leading figure called on the military council to form a military sovereign council, besides formation of an executive government of technocrats, and to form a parliament from all political forces and parties, movements signed peace agreement, civil administrations, national figures, representatives of expatriates and people with special needs , and university lecturers .
He urged  the military council to be at  the same distance from  all political parties ,affirming that his party welcomes  any internal or external mediation which does not exclude anyone and get Sudan out of this crisis .

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