Mowein  Says Traitors Shouldn’t Given a Chance


Khartoum, June 11(SUNA)-Chairman  of  Council of  the Sudanese    Abyei Dinka Affairs, Chol Mowein has called  for not giving opportunity  to traitors who  want to destroy  Sudan.
He indicated  in a statement to SUNA that  Sudan’s issues should be solved within national framework without  foreign intervention.
Mowein welcomed  the Ethiopian prime minister, Abiy Ahmed’s initiative  to narrow differences  in views  among  Sudanese political forces  and  to help  the  people of Sudan reach  consensus.
The Chairman of Council of  the  Sudanese  Abyei Dinka Affairs urged  the political parties  including forces of freedom and change  and the military council,  to  give concessions  for the sake of the homeland.
He called  for  stopping  escalation  and sitting of  political and civil forces  for negotiation to complete  the goals of the revolution  in which all political parties and the Sudanese people took part  for change and better situation.

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