RAF Praises TMC Aligning to Youth Revolution 


Khartoum – The Revolutionaries Alliance Forces (RAF) held a press conference Tuesday at SUNA premises and praised Transitional Military Council, (TMC) for its alignment to the youth revolution.
The alliance called on the council to complete its bias to the youth and forms a technocrats’ government during the transitional period.
Moreover, the RAF suggested that those who will  participate in the transitional period shall have no right to run in the general elections.
It added that their mission shall be limited and ended with the transitional period.
Meanwhile, RAF called on the revolutionaries to rearrange themselves, abandon violence and make reforms through removal of barricades and making strong alliance with others.
RAF Secretary General, Ahmed Yassin called for expediting investigations on the events related to the dissolution of the sit-in before Armed Forces command.
Yassin explained that RAF is composed of a group of youths and its charter is open for others to join and achieve the revolution’s slogan.

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