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The political development in Sudan has entered a new phase, particularly following the press conference which was held by the Transitional Military Council (TMC) on Thursday, the head of the political committee at TMC, 1st Lt. Gen. Ibrahim Kabashi briefed media on the current political situation in Sudan.
The conference sent messages to all political parties, that the sovereignty of the State will be under the authority of the TMC, who authorized by the “constitution” to lead the transitional period, so I think the existence of military leaders at power in this time is so important to preserve the unity of Sudan territory.
Also the press conference revealed that “Democracy” is not an easy process, it is culture and behavior, it is not an slogan, I can say, the revolutionists failed to translate the objectives of the revolution into action, they did the opposite, they exercised the policy of exclusion to the traditional political parties.
What I learnt from the press conference, that Military leaders are wiser than civilian leaders, and more qualified to govern the State, from the day one, the military institution produced leaders who wear military uniforms but bear civil thoughts and ideas in their brains.
The TMC disclosed the future of the political dispute between the TMC and the Declaration of Freedom and Change Forces (DFCF), during the last two months TMC managed to evaluate the faculty of DFCF in governing, so the lack of harmony among the DFCF leaders prolonged the dispute, the matter that encouraged the TMC to coordinate with the historical politicians and the others political parties.
After the collapse of Al Bashir regime DFCF has dominated the political scene in Sudan, but unfortunately, it lost a golden chance due to the unclear vision, it lost the support of the TMC to represent all the political powers to form the cabinet and the legislative body, the current indications show that TMC equalized between the political parties, which means no room for DFCF to monopolize the transitional period.

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