The Predicament of Supremacy Should Be Resolved Very Quickly

By: Ahmed Ibrahim

The downfall of former president Al Bashir, means lots and lots to the Sudanese people; broad expectations for change to the better that is much associated with stability and prosperity and in all domains, especially politically and economically. The Forces of Freedom and change (FFC) and the transitional military council (TMC) are the main and dominant entities to realize the dream. Had it not been for matter of the number of representation in the supreme council for each one, they would have almost been in a position to strike a much placating deal.
So, by now, all are to desire the two of them to hasten pace to overcome the predicament of supremacy very quickly, thus evading triumphantly all the gloomy scenarios of some of the failed nations, such as Libya, Yemen and Syria that are catastrophically plagued with disasters such as displacement and homelessness.
If this is the case, and it is, so no way out but for two of them- FFC and TMC- to learn the lesson comprehensively in order to avoid repetition of such catastrophes by ending very quickly the state of disagreement they are in now. One of the options is adoption of patterns of compromise if for the country and its people are to be promptly put in the right track to enjoy goodness broadly- a move that is to be well approved of, not only by the Sudanese public presently, but also by the many generations to come.
Needless to say, Sudan since its independence in 1956 and up to the present time has never experienced any sort of stability, especially economically and politically. Of course, such a thing does not just come out of the blue randomly, but rather supported by many reasons, among them conspicuously is this; plots and conspiracies by the envious who know very well that Sudan is full to the brim with all kinds of resources, both on surface of earth and underneath. So, they see that if it is to be left undisturbed and unrestrained, then this is the time that it is to become the biggest state on earth and in many spheres, especially economically and politically.
In conclusion, we can say this; it is high time for FFC and TMC to give all the due consideration to public interest by overcoming their disputes to resolve the current issue of supremacy immediately, today before tomorrow. But if something as such is not to materialize, then nobody is to blame but themselves; all are to get violently dragged into a bottomless abyss that no one is in a position to predict as to where it may lead.

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