Chinese Ambassador in Sudan Vision

Report: Alula Berhe

The Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China H.E. Ma Xinmin accompanied with some members of the embassy paid last Sunday a courtesy visit to Sudan Vision office where he was received and warmly welcomed by the newspaper Editor-in-Chief Muawad Mustafa Rashid, Managing Editor Alula Berhe Kidani and Sudan Vision Website Adm. Ms. Marwa Khalid.
H.E. the Ambassador pointed out that the aim of his visit is to strengthen the cordial relations between China and Sudan through the media as one of the channels for raising more awareness about the historical relations which this year will celebrate the sixties anniversary (1959-2019).
Many issues for the development of the relation between Sudan and China through its Embassy in Khartoum were discussed and some practical steps were agreed upon to move this cooperation forward and the results of which will soon be seen in the newspaper pages.
Also, Sudan Vision staff affirmed to the H.E. Ambassador Ma that the relation between Sudan and China is considered strategic relations and that the paper has been guided by this concept in all its reporting on the bilateral relations between the two countries.
Same time ,the Ambassador pointed to that his visit is to affirm the importance of the role of Sudan Vision in the support and promotion of the relation between the two countries and that the Embassy will assist with all available means to achieve this end.

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