TMC Calls on People of Darfur to Launch Peace Initiatives


Nyala – Member of the Transitional Military Council (TMC) and political observer of Darfur states, Gen. Yasser Al-Atta, has called on the political forces and the peace signatory movements in South Darfur State to launch initiatives of social tolerance and political reconciliation.
In an address he gave during his visit to South Darfur State, Gen. Al-Atta affirmed the TMC promise to establish a democratic system and forming an electoral committee, which is accepted by all parties.
He pointed to the obstinacy and a trend for exclusion to others, not only to the National Congress, from the youths of the revolution, referring to the death of 11 women and abortion cases in Khartoum due to roads and railways blocking, a matter that prevented arrival of medicines and basic materials to the states.
Gen. Al-Atta pointed out that the TMC vision for the three-year transitional period includes restructuring of the state’s institutions, holding trials for those involved in corruption, restoring all the looted public money.
He stressed that the military institutions will live up to its role in defending the country and the political parties themselves, besides support to the Sudanese youths.
He pointed to conspiracies that are aimed for creating instability and anarchy by exploiting the youths, emphasizing that the Armed Forces will never allow the state’s entity and institutions to collapse.
Gen. Al-Atta announced the TMC pledge to release all the political detainees shortly after completion of the legal procedure

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