Thanks to Allah: Free Horses Appear at the Turn

Now the moments of the examination has come near very close, the lights are on, agility and earnest are high, all documents syllabuses are available, before us, revisions have completed, even the numbers for all have been prepared, no way to postpone or to leave without permission, all needs are countered, the sense of the word its self is fearful, due to its important the student, In case you fail, if Allah so, your future is going to be dark, not only for you but also for your family, who spend every penny for you, on you your parents see themselves, your grandmother, grandfather have the same feelings, you are so valuable thing more than you thing, so the effort exerted by you, the awaking all night, reading ,correcting, all these actions all now on the scale.
At this moments, the tester is our enemies, the students are the Sudanese people, the subject is the economic circumstances, the correctors is the volition of the people, I see them, from the patience of the folks, waiting for good results to hear, or affordable commodities to buy, the examination has already begun, now all of us are in the class, which have no windows, no fans, and only one door to let you out, written on it to the production, these days if you want to dignity, honor, respect, you have to depend on yourself only, and ask Allah to help you, don’t say I know more, it is the Allah volition, to formulate you to the right track, which stands on morals and virtues, otherwise the other side is  easy but not paved for good behavior, where morals are slaughtered decades ago, gambling ,prostitute, cheating,  deceiving, hatred, greedy, every bad vocabulary is there, yes eat , drink, enjoy time, but without the sense of humanity, humiliation is there waiting for those who sell their dignity, countries, the buyers never forget you are a traitor, you are not going to be absorbed within their society easily.
Patriotism, never no, giving up when situations are bad, harshness we are in now, is just small test, to unveil the real Sudanese who love their country from those who are only pretending to be so, it also which more significant, to know where we are our points of weakness or mightiness, beside who are real friends, sisters, world of today never know those who are always begging other to help them ,this cruel states have given us a golden opportunity to look at our lines, to inspect our allies, to prepare our self for the worst, when somebody know his ills well actually he will cure, now the remedy is going on, we have begun to recover, surely the coming days are carrying delight news to us.
Recently,as state we feed about three million person, residing inside our country, most of them are settling illegally, sheltering, feeding, educating them, is an international responsibility, now as Sudanese, Muslims, we accept them we have-not send them out as some Europeans countries have done, it is our fate, tour faith in Allah is great, that is why we do not retreat from hosting refugees ,nation nature never know selfishness, what we have if it is little we ready to share it with the needy .our manners inherited inside us never known to greedy ones.
Previously, our history as Sudanese people since ancient, Kush, Alfoung Kingdom, Alfour, Al masabate, Tagaeli, all these states reflects the genuine metal of the Sudanese people , who sacrifice themselves to welcome visitors, whatever they are, it doesn’t matter if they are Muslim or non Muslim, these our values, it doesn’t distinguish between them, and now both are living together, this our traditions and custom, innate in us since the creating of the planet and it will last Allah willing to the doomsday.
In one of our current papers, a neighbor voiced that Sudan is feeding them from its people food!!!!!! And I thing he is right honest, to declare this speech, we never expel anybody come to us seeking shelter, yes it is great burden on us, but we are up to it. Those who imagine that the people are fed of the difficulties they are right, but and thank to Allah they know why we are in this situation, they respect it, even the simple man, have understood the consequences of any move which may drive our country to a cliff, we have become experts in the economical situations, that why the people have understood from the past lessons, and taken exemplary ones from some countries surrounding us, you see the wise person learn from other people mistakes, we are sorry some, whom we consider as brothers have turned to be enemies, they have shown us their real faces, never want good to our country, we have given them the best we have, entering without vises , staying, investing, touring, it is hard to digest the bitterness of the bad doings of your brother, but as they say we want who is behind this, who is benefiting from it, situations have helped us much to know each other ,this is going to be as platform work for the future plans.
The above title has not come from the blue, it comes from our rich heritage, which it full of contemporary proverbs, these ones have emanated from the continual practitioners, like :old men and women who are famous of their wisdom and full sight, people used to returned   to them when they are in great need for past experiment, which they have got from their knowledge, and even  in our recent history, folk used to go to them when matters comes to the peak, or hard enough to be solved by official, at native administration, we have this sort of consultant committees .What is meant from the title is: what ever done bad to during your life it will never stop you, as you are right and going on the correct tract, this apply completely on Sudan nowadays ,conspirators are weaving plots against to make turn like chaos countries ,to create disputes among people, to sow sedition between simple people, after they have become fatigue of military confronting ,it is the envious, hatred which blind the pushed enemies to try to disturb, but that time has gone the Sudanese are well aware of their turn, we have learned from the gone lessens, we are stepping to bright future depending on Allah, which you ignore completely,

Dr : Mohammed Saeed Ahmed

Brigadier - Dr : Mohammed Saeed Ahmed
Thanks to Allah
Dr : Mohammed Saeed Ahmed

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Dr : Mohammed Saeed Ahmed

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