The Media Address is not as Controllable as It Should Be: Salih

By: Ahmed Ibrahim

Khartoum – The sensitive state that the country has presently been passing through, demands that many requirements should satisfied, among them conspicuously is the monitoring of the media address. Many media experts gather at Teeba Press Forum in Khartoum to talk about the matter. To begin with, there is Majoub Mohamed Salih who says that due to the explosion of the situation currently in Sudan, especially after the ending forcefully of the sit in before the army command headquarter, it becomes noticeable that the media address is not as controllable as it should be, mentioning hopefully that it is to play roles adequately in resolving crises, especially economically and politically.
Omar ‘Ushari says that as the media has contributed positively concerning the eruption of the revolution of December 19th of last year, it has also inflicted much damage to it, going to consolidate his argument by giving this illustrative example; accusations and counter accusations between the partners of negotiations are clearly authenticated.
Abdul Al ‘Zeem Awad reveals that the economic and political crises that they have been passing through now, can be vigorously overcome if the so called ‘the crisis media’ is activated.
Abdalla Jaddalla is seen as very critical of the media address, describing it as the utter failure to add something new to the political scene, pointing out that it is expected to act as the roadmap to the revolution, but, alas, something as such has never materialized.
And Mohamed Abulghadir who says that the apparent that external media has become much influential compared to the local one regarding Sudan’s current local incidents. ‘So, it is not a surprise at all to find the Sudanese public to desert them to watch the external TV channels’.

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