TMC Reiterates Call for More Dialogue, Affirms that Sudan Enjoys Co-existence and Tolerance

By: Najat Ahmed 

Khartoum – The Transitional Military Council (TMC) stressed that Sudan remained enjoying co-existence and tolerance since early times, renewing its call for dialogue with the Forces of Freedom and Change.
The Transitional Military Council stated that there is no alternative to dialogue but dialogue to reach a transitional period in which every party will participate, except the National Congress.
Addressing the Third Social Cohesion Project at the Coptic Club, in presence of Islamic and Christian religious men, the TMC member and head of its professional and social committee, Lt. Gen. (pilot), Salah-Eddin Abdul-Khalig, said that the TMC does not want power and hopes for a period of transition in which everyone will participate, pointing out that the security solutions in the previous government have failed and made the people revolt again.
He said that the change that took place was one in which all the people and the Armed Forces have participated, calling on the leaders of the political forces to support the efforts for reaching agreement.
He indicated that the country has been living a government vacuum for a long time, a matter that has affected people’s lives, renewing the TMC concern with revolutionary youths, saying that it is possible to reach an agreement with them.
Lt. Gen. Abdul-Khalig pointed out that there are ongoing mediations that we hope to achieve the wishes of the Sudanese people in security and stability, especially that countries surrounding Sudan suffer from wars and this is what do not want to happen in Sudan.
He said that the Armed Forces is responsible for the national security of the country and the TMC will not allow things to get out of control.
He stressed that what is happening now is a political dispute that can be surpassed by the common will and the stand of the people.
Meanwhile, Secretary of the Council of Churches, William Deng,  explained that the aim of the Project of Social Cohesion that the is to train young people and qualify them to be graduated leaders for the coming stage, affirming that Sudan enjoys social cohesion that there is no similar to it in any other country.
He called on the Transitional Military Council to provide training aid for young people, stressing that the next celebration of the project will be in South Kordofan State.

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