I Witness: The Coming Danger!

The Sudanese arena is witnessing these days and may be for the coming days a series of considerable movements, all of them trying to express themselves. The first one of these movements and activities was the gathering last week at Garri where the deputy chairman of the transitional military council First Le. Gen. Mohammad Hamdan Himitti addressed a huge rally from the people of North Khartoum districts. Then the phenomenon continued. Only twenty four hours later the General addressed a similar gathering at the Friendship Hall. He gave similar statements to what he told Garri rally. The military rulers are keen about forming a “technocrat government” which would organize general elections in nine months. But the most important gathering was that of the leaders of the “domestic administration” which was organized at the “exhibition land” at Burri. More than ten thousands of mayors, Sharti, Sheiks, kings and Maks came from all parts of Sudan to show their support to the military council to lead the transitional period and to form the government and run the elections. These are not only ordinary citizens.
They are the leaders of the local habitat. So behind every one of these leaders there are others. That is why Commander Himeidti called them “the parliament of the people”. The description was almost typical. In every remote village in Sudan, you will find a domestic chief. If we want to find the real representation to the Sudanese society, we will not find a better and unique representation than these leaders. This kind of movements and activities is sure to continue. We will see similar gatherings and rallies from different social and regional circles. But there is an important question that appears; what moved these people and forced them to gather in this manner? What was the “magic motive” that made those ten thousand domestic leaders to leave their homes in those remote districts and come to Khartoum? Some of them “vowed” before the cameras that they would not leave Khartoum before the “technocrat government” is formed! The people of Sudan have “sensed” the coming danger. They are afraid that their “beloved homeland” would fall into the state of chaos and instability. They are afraid of the fate of such countries like Libya, Syria and Yemen! They have decided to mobilize and unite to stop their country from being those miserable societies. They have reached a conclusion that the military council is the only establishment that is capable of verifying the safety of the homeland. That is why they gave them their support and trust.

Abdul Rahman AL-Zuma

Abdul Rahman AL-Zuma

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