Internet Service Will Return to Work within Ten Days: Reliable Sources

By: Najat Ahmed

Khartoum – Reliable sources have revealed that the Internet service will return to work within ten days, pointing out that the consultations are underway to make the right decision, especially after the discontent shown by the telecom companies from the interruption of the Internet and its impact on its revenues without a clear compensation for those losses, expecting consultations on how to compensate those losses, either through a partial exemption from monthly taxes or other reasonable procedures.
The Transitional Military Council (TMC) suspended Internet service in the country following the sit-in incident and considered it a threat to national security.
Legal expert, Dr. Ahmed Al-Mufti, Director of Khartoum International Center for Human Rights, said that the decision to stop Internet services is a political decision to prevent the use of digital technology in political protests, while Zain Sudan has restored the Internet service to lawyer Abdel-Azim Hassan, after winning his case against the company.
Internet service companies in Sudan and individuals filed yesterday a memorandum to the National Telecommunications Authority to restore service, but it apologized and advised them to resort to the TMC as it has become the authority that controls the Internet.

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