Imam Al-Sadik Al Mahdi: Escalation and Counter-escalation against Interests of Sudan

By: Najat Ahmed

Khartoum- The Leader of the National Ummah Party (NUP), Al Sadik Al Mahdi,warned in a press conference he held yesterday at the premises of the party of haste that could enter the Sudan into a dark tunnel.
Al Mahdi affirmed that they reject escalation before knowing the stance of the Transitional Military Council (TMC), saying that they don’t agree on formation of a government from one side and excluding the others, explaining that the presented initiatives are a prelude for reaching an agreement in the Sudan, warning of any instability in Sudan and that its stability is important for the world.
Al Mahdi said they are ready to surpass the gap with the Transitional Military Council because the other alternative is destruction.
He pointed out that there would be steps towards accord in Sudan, stressing importance of coordination between international and national mediations.
Al Mahdi said this was the first conference they held after the tragic incident of the third of June, stressing that the December Revolution, was the biggest revolutionary event the country has witnessed that found unprecedented popular, national and international response.
He pointed out that they in Sudan Call support the steps made with the Revolutionary Front as a prelude for a comprehensive and just peace agreement, hoping that its conclusion would be one of the first missions of the civilian transitional government.
Al Mahdi pointed out that absence of an agreed upon leadership council had been one of points of weakness of the Forces of Freedom and Change, reviewing the steps made for bridging this gap.

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