Sudan Denies Receiving International Investigation Mission on the Recent Incidents

By: Najat Ahmed

Khartoum – Acting Foreign Ministry Undersecretary, Ambassador Omer Dahab denied that an international investigation mission was dispatched to Sudan to investigate the recent incident, adding that they did not receive any demand on that, affirming that the Human Rights Council called for a special session to discuss the Sudanese issue but it did not take place.
He confirmed that Sudan is still under Chapter (10), confirming that Sudan is witnessing a democratic transformation, pointing out that the US envoy started his tour to Sudan to push the Transitional Military Council (TMC) and the Forces of Freedom and Change (FFC) to resume the direct negotiations to reach a political settlement.
He pointed out that Sudan received the Troika delegation on Tuesday to support reaching a peaceful solution.
Dahab lauded, during an enlightening meeting with the media representative, the role of the international envoys who visited Sudan recently, affirming Sudan’s commitment towards all the international charters.
Dahab confirmed that the ministry is working in full harmony with the Transitional Military Council (TMC), referring to the meeting held by the council with the ministry’s staff recently, where it emphasis the main and great role played by the Sudanese diplomacy.
Commenting on cutting off the Internet service, Dahab said that bringing about democratic transformation requires establishing security and that maintaining security requires interruption of this service for a reasonable period, expressing his hope that the Internet service will be restored at the earliest opportunity, noting that cutting this service is not exclusive to Sudan, as the democratic countries such as India and Sri Lanka have resorted to severing this service for security reasons..
Regarding the position of the ministry on the initiatives of Ethiopia and the African Union, Dahab said, at the regular press conference which the ministry decided to hold every Wednesday to discuss developments in the Sudanese arena, Dahab said that the Sudanese government represented by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs thanked Ethiopia for its initiative, saying that the initiative on which the government is working is the initiative of the African Union and that the agreement on the African initiative is the basis that unites Sudan’s efforts in this matter..
On further US sanctions against Sudan, Dahab said there are no sanctions other than those imposed on Sudan a while ago, and that the new US envoy to Sudan, who left Khartoum yesterday for his country, said that America would abandon its previous policy towards Sudan and would to pursue a positive policy in the coming period.

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