The Forces of the Revolution Should Strike A Sudanese-Sudanese Deal: Al Mahdi

By Ahmed Ibrahim Ballal

Head of the Umma party, Mubarak Al Mahdi, starts an initiative to overcome the present political crisis so that the transitional period is to proceed on smoothly, calling urgently on the forces of the revolution to strike a Sudanese-Sudanese deal that is far away from foreign interventions if for the aspired for democratic transformation to be achieved.
He goes on to say that it is not the transitional military council (TMC) nor the freedom and change forces ( FCF), that matters, but, rather only the restoration of democracy, pointing out that his party condemns the ending of the sit- in forcibly, showing his trust in the local judicial apparatus rather than the international ones to competently investigate the situation.
The head of the Umma party says that they do only accept the 2005 constitution that is registered in UN for achievement of peace, seeing that introduction of a new one alternatively will be associated with problems, warning that confrontation with the military will open doors widely for chaos and therefore the bringing back the former system of Al Bashir. ‘So, and order to avoid such a thing, it is better to sit down cordially to form a civilian government’.
Al Mahdi concludes his remarks to praise some friendly countries such as the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Egypt, who hugely assist Sudan.

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