TMC Accepts Equally Sharing Sovereign Council with Protest Movement


The Transitional Military Council (TMC) said it does not mind sharing the sovereign council equally with the forces of the Declaration of Freedom and Change.
Council Member Yasser al-Atta said in a press statement on Tuesday that the military has informed US envoy Donald Booth of its rejection of calls for the Freedom and Change forces to control the legislative council, and their acceptance to equally share the “sovereign council”.
The US presidential envoy to Sudan held talks on Tuesday with the head of the TMC, Abdul Fattah Burhan.
Addressing reporters in Khartoum, Booth said his consultations with the parties were aimed at encouraging them to resume direct negotiations. He told the president and members of the military council that the safety of the people of Sudan “was above all.” He asked the council not to hold elections within a year, in order to ensure a democratic transition in the country.

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