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Sudan Civil Aviation Authority (SCAA) has organized two days training course, included 20 journalists, from different media institutes, the objective of the course is to share ideas, and to facilitate the mission of media in reporting news or events that concern civil aviation.
SCAA shoulders the responsibility of protecting Sudan economy, we know that journalists can’t publish perfect news, reports, investigative reports or interviews, without information, the message that sent by SCAA has provided media with huge data about aviation world as general and SCAA in particular, also it created a real partnership with media to play the role of providing good aviation services to passengers, in terms of security and safety.
The two days program enabled reporters to discuss different issues, economic, security and even the administrative issues, that convinced trainees about Khartoum International Airport, which has met the International Aviation Organization’s requirements, in both verification and safety, to occupy high rank, SCAA has been allocated 3,500,000 Euro to support monitoring, which contribute to accelerate Sudan economy. The monitoring unit combats smuggling, discloses economic crimes, prevent security penetration and facilitate the daily operation, also it fights drug smugglers.
Passengers must be educated by the security measures while they were travelling, after the training course, media become able to deal with any news or events related to SCAA, as well as able to educate people, that security checks, don’t against passengers, it means safe flight and punctuality.
The importance of the course comes from the sensitivity of civil aviation, which becomes a target to hijackers, who use planes as a weapon to strike security sites, or use it as a tool to achieve political agenda.
What I want say, is that, the course itself was applied the international standards, in terms of qualified trainers, aids and course materials, before the course, our knowledge about aviation was so limited, but now, we manage to differentiate between, Khartoum Airport and Civil Aviation Authority and its economic importance, alongside how reporters get information cover emergency cases.

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