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The Dark Internet is an important part of the Internet system. It allows for the release of websites and the dissemination of information without revealing the publisher’s identity or location. The Internet can be accessed through Deep Web’s and Tor browser which is used by many Internet pioneers to provide freedom of expression, association and access to information, privacy right in the dark or deep Internet, but be very careful when entering, it is not a place for entertainment or play.
It is a criminal world in which all the tools of crime are available. It is a world that brings together the mafia, assassins, rapists, psychopaths, hackers and many other banned groups in society, because the dark Internet is a collection of all websites which are not included in the search engines, because there are some deep sites in non-traditional markets that offer products or services or mediate the purchase of drugs, weapons, counterfeit goods, stolen credit cards, hacked data, malware and others.
So, you do not consider entering these sites easy. They often follow every visitor, because some of them are used to teach the manufacture of weapons, explosives and extremist organizations. They have hackers, and they can know who they are.
You may be hacked as soon as you access one of their sites or uploads some of the content of their sites, as well as the sites of the killers, which are considered one of the most dangerous sites of the dark Internet, where the site displays murderers and each killer sets a price.
In addition, the difference price according to the method of killing, where the picture is sent to the person and address, specifically the amount transferred agreed to the site, and receives the killer amount only after the completion of the task, so be careful if you want to enter this world deep.
Hackers are also hacked for certain amounts of money, as well as the Red Room and Human Trafficking Sites, where the owners kidnap girls and children for sex and offer them for sale.
It is one of the sites that governments are constantly fighting, because their owners are affiliated with the most dangerous types of international mafia, which use criminal crimes such as cybersquatting and assassination, through sites that include rules for hired killers and illegal economic crimes.
Some governments use it to share secret information, and no one knows anything about it. Most embassies in the world use the dark Internet if they communicate with other countries.
So, it is also used by some famous political giants, journalists and media, because it is a fully encrypted and uncensored site, and no one in the world can track it or access the owners of the material published there.
So, although the Internet seems to facilitate our daily lives on the one hand, the dark Internet is difficult to deal with on the other, and poses a challenge to countries and governments, that still have difficulty controlling its content, which is focused on illegal practices.

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Khabir Othman

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