Ayman Mao: Singer of The Revolution


Ayman Mao is the rapper and leading singer of the Sudanese December 2018 Revolution. His songs fueled the Revolution, documented its acts and have been converted into mottos repeated by the revolutionists during the five month peak of their push for change.
Mao surged years ago with a new style of singing that was not common among the Sudanese traditional sectors but he managed to attract thousands of youths who found in his songs reflection for their aspirations to build a democratic homeland of justice, development and progress.
Mao, who is a member of the famous opposition youth group ‘girifina’, was subjected to all types of harassment by the security organs due to his direct anti-regime songs. He had to leave the country and returned only when the Revolution toppled the regime. The unprecedented crowds who attended his performance at the Army General Command’s sit-in and chorused every line of a lyric he started proved Mao’s huge popularity.
Analysts attributed Mao success to the simplicity of the words he used in his lyrics that depict the reality and the youth thinking. He mostly composes the lyrics when he is driving. For example one of his songs reads:
No for dictatorship (la lildictatoria)
No for a totalitarian government (la lihkouma shomolia)
No for eternal authority (la lilsulta alabadia)
We want freedom (nihna nreed alhuria)
Our revolution is peaceful, peaceful (salmia salmia)
People are thrown in the prisons (alnas fi alsjoon marmia)
In order to protect my country (ashan baladi tkoon mahmia)
I’m holding microphone not a gun (masik almyke badal albundgia)

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