Economic Vision: What Is the Solution?

Sudan economy has suffered a lot from the political instability and wrong financial policies, which contributed negatively to the livelihood situation; people raise questions from time to time, why do Sudanese economic institutes failed to address the difficulties? Where did the revenue go? Who get benefit from the resources? And what is the role of the economists?.
It is something strange, to find country like Sudan suffers from poverty and worries about inflation and deficit, in terms of economic laws and regulations, Sudan has set good policies, but the matter is backed to the violations of rules, and lack of transparency, the violation exercised by both senior officials and economic decision makers, so corruption of leaders is the only obstacle stands on the way of solution.
People discuss about the revenue, we know that Sudan is one of the richest countries in Africa, it characterized by economic diversity, it endowed by minerals, fertilized lands, animal resources and huge amount of water, but unfortunately, the country failed to utilize the resources to provide public services, the national resources has been exploiting individually, and the revenue goes to certain groups or communities, so the situation requires amendments and reformation.
Sudan potentials can change the fact, from poverty to richness, but the regional and international intersections hindered the development process, and encouraged the spoilers to weaken the faculty of Sudan economy, so the public fund serves individuals, the majority of citizens don’t get benefit, the function of the country is to serve people, not the officials, in country like Sudan people serve and fund the state, while the governments don’t bear the burden of life.
Economist can’t play any positive and effective role unless the judiciary bodies began to exercise its authority as an independent institute, without justice things don’t operate straight forward, then the solution is on the equal application of law.

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Economic Vision
Mohamed Abdalla
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