Beyond the Horizon:The First Mile in the Thousand Miles Journey towards Democracy, Peace and Freedoms.

Alula Berhe

The Agreement reached between the TMC ( Transitional Military Council) and the FCF (Freedom and Change Forces ) will launch the first mile in the One thousand miles journey towards democracy, freedom , human rights and dignity which the civilian protestors have been calling for in the streets from 19 Dec.2018 and up today.
Off-course as is expected in any negotiated agreement between two parties, the FCF have not achieved all its goals but with a prudent realistic vision and strategies can build on what have gained to move forward to consolidate these gains and drive forward to attain the others.
This will represent a very strong challenge for the coming government in particular and the other governance institutions in general.
The first task will be the dismantling of the repressive ousted regime institution and as well culture of amenity from all forms of accountability. The performance of the transitional institutions in the files of accountability will be the promoter by which the masses in the street will gauge the government performance and not public statements and paid for articles in the media as the ousted regime used to do and we have seen some of these practices during the last few months even in the after Dec.2018 Revolution.
The challenges from sabotaging the Transitional Government elements should not be under-estimated and in particular those strongly entrenched in the governance institutions.
Vision and Strategy
The coming transitional period needs a clear vision and the Strategy to achieve this Vision which should be very focused on what can be achieved during the short transitional period and that is basically laying the solid grounds for a sustainable democracy, the rule of law and transitional justice, accountability and the end of immunity for criminal and financial crimes.
The dismantling of the ousted regime oppressive and corrupt institutions will no doubt be a prime target but in this regards there must be prioritization of the targets not to squander efforts in too many targets and so miss achieving what is possible.
The strategy should focus on combating corruption as both a vital factor for genuine democracy and same time as well as an element in the economic reforms program. This is a must because with the present level of institutional corruption there will no hope for any economic revival.
This will require as well fundamental reforms in the Taxation and Customs Departments, Bank of Sudan and the Ministry of Finance. The reforms in these institutions is a vital must and must not be delayed any more but must be given a top priority in the coming days.
In short, we repeat that the vision, mission and strategies of the transitional period must take into very serious consideration the element of time and don’t waste any valuable time in targets and issues that cannot be addressed during this short period of time.
Political Educational Year
The Ministry of Public Education decision to start the academic year on 7 July, 2019 is a political decision and not an educational one that but the interest of the student first as demanded by the Convention on the Right of the Child of which Sudan is a party.
The public education administrations have been plumaged during the last decades with incompetence, non-transparency and conflicts of interest as well as the merchandizing of education. So, one of the most important tasks of coming transitional government is the radical reforms of the Ministry of Public Education. We don’t want to see a change in the name but in the content of the educational system to provide the children with the necessary knowledge that is compatible with the Age of Information communication Technology revolution and this what the present administrations have failed to deliver with distinction so it is high time for them to go home and let others take over who can really deliver. There is no choice here because no person or group of person’s interest should be above the future of millions of children and the country.
FMoH Creditability
We read recently many statements and some interviews for the Under Secretary of the Ministry of Federal Health (FMoH). There is no need to go on citing many points which support the assumption that the FMoH have lost credibility with the public a long time ago. So, hundreds of interviews and thousands of statements will not reverse this situation. What will really change this assumption is actions on the ground and until then keep issuing statements that no one believe even the newspapers that publish them.
Port Sudan Harbor
The media reported few days ago that Kenya have granted the Government of South Sudan a piece of land to build a port so as to replace the flow of South Sudan imports vide the Port Sudan Port.
What is strange that in the middle of the battle between the TMC and the FCF this news story didn’t receive the attention that it deserve for the future of Port Sudan Harbor?
The Port is no doubt facing many challenges but some of them are man-made and not because of lack of logistics, etc. It may be important to not only study that obstacles that are hindering the flow of the transit goods through Port Sudan to South Sudan but as well revisit the challenges that hindered and sabotaged the same in the transit trade with Ethiopia. These are all man-made obstacles and can be solved we only need the political will to do so and which have been lacking during the last three decades. Let us hope that now the situation is different and personal and political interests will not be above national interests.
Human Rights Commission
The, National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) which was one of the ousted regime propaganda organs is trying to provide the same service now to the TMC. The, NHRC according to the media have formed a committee to investigate the brutal assignation of three civilians during the 30 June, 2019 protests. There is no objection on this step at this stage until we see the results of this investigation and if conducted according to the international recognized norms.
But the question that comes up on this occasion is about the position of the NHRC on the mass murder that have accrued in the protest-in in front of the Army General Command on 3 June, 2019. In this case the Commission voice was very low.
The other point is what have been the Commission position on the way the protestors are been treated in the streets at the hands of the security organs.
The credibility of the NHRC like those of the FMoH needs more than propaganda gestures to restore their credibility which in our view is impossible under the present leadership of both institutions because they are no more than the remnants of the ousted regime that needs to go with him.
Self-Interest Politicians
These days is a field day for self-serving politicians aided by media organs that is not far better in the field of putting the personal interest above the common interest? But what is dangerous that in this endeavor both the self-interest politicians and the deformed media don’t hesitate to spread the fires of conflicts in the country. What is amazing that some of these politicians after aliening with the ousted regime and later discarded after their validity have expired are trying to come back by blowing ethnic tensions. This is the crime that they are committing against the nation with the support of the deformed media outlets.
This is not freedom of expression but attempts to destroy the national fabric but while we are not calling for censorship just ask the readers to boycott these publications. Same time the Dec. Revolution have by-passed the stage that such rehorotics can have any effect on the course of events in the coming days.
In the end, the politicians who have betrayed the people aspirations more than once will find it difficult to find a place in the new era regardless of whatever they may say to the media or elsewhere.
Also, it seems that these leaders have not understood well the implications and significance of the December,2018 Revolution it is a youth revolution that have bypassed all these rehorotics so save your breeze and energy for something else. The dream that by such statements you will regain once again your lost leadership statues is like the Devil dream of entering Heaven.

Why Leaders Lie?
This brought back to my mind Prof. John. Mearsheimer (Political Science Lecturer in the Chicago University, USA) book (Why Leaders Lie?).
The prof. said that leaders in the west seldom lie for personal reasons but mostly for what they think is in the best interest of their country. But in Sudan during the last six decades we have leaders who lie all the time to serve their interest not the nation. Just reading the newspapers or viewing some TV stations these days give you daily evidence of this assumption.
Public Relation Companies
The news about the agreement between the TMC and a Canadian public relations company for the value of $ 6 million dollars pose again the question of the mentality that dominates the decision makers. In this age of Information Communication Technology it is impossible to hide anything in addition to that the regulations and laws in the developing countries make it obligatory the disclosure of such information. This in turn blows out the main objective from such an agreement.
In this regard let us remember that the ousted Al Bashir has spent millions of dollars on such venture and the result is that he is now in the dust pin of history. Just try to learn from once from the lessons of the near history and don’t be deceived by those we have received a commission on this agreement.
In the end, this deal has damaged more than improved the TMC image outside Sudan. The TMC good image start by responding to the people inspirations and demands and so will be acceptable in the modern world which has banned the rule by military coups everywhere in the world. You cannot fight the winds of history but go with it or it will break you.

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