The Impact of Government Delaying on Economy

Report: Sudan Vision

Since 11th of April Sudan economy has been suffering from instability, because of lack of government, which delayed according disputes between TMC and FFC, on Friday the two parts signed an agreement to settle the disputes, but still the formation of the government needs time, economists comment on the current situation and demanded for immediate solution to the political instability.
The Economic Expert Kamal Karrar has stressed that delaying the formation of the government with the continuation of the state of political vacuum would negatively affects the economy, livelihood of the people and all aspects of life. Karrar said that the absence of plans and the lack of sound policies actually disrupt the work in both the public and private sectors, pointing out that the international community and all political and economic commitments between Sudan and abroad remain pending until the formation of the government as the world does not deal with unstable or clear political situations. Karrar urged the Transitional Military Council (TMC) to speed up realization of political stability and end the situation of sharp polarization by responding to the demands of the street in the civil power, calling TMC to benefit from the previous experiences.
While the economist and professor at the University of expatriates Dr. Mohamed Al-Nayir has said that the formation of the government of competencies as soon as possible has become an urgent necessity and should not exceed two or three days to address the current economic issues. Dr. Al-Nayeir said, in a statement to SUNA, that delaying the formation of the government might lead to further decline in the economic indicators. He pointed out that the formation of the government was closely linked to the political consensus represented by the Transitional Military Council’s (TMC) agreement with the Forces of the Declaration of Dreedom and Change on the African Initiative pave the way for the formation of the Sovereign Council as the first step, which in turn appoints the government of competencies with no partisan affiliations and then the transitional legislative council, pointing out that this is the safest way, warning that the resort of the military council to form a government unilaterally will not achieve political and security stability. Thus the achievement of economic stabilization will be difficult. 

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