Economic Vision: The Mission of the Transitional Period

Now Sudan is entering a new era, it is a transitional method of governance, between the Transitional Military Council TMC and the Forces of Freedom and Change FFC. People worry about the operation of the agreement, does it create conflicts and disputes when the two parts come to translate the accord into details, also some are asking about the plans of economic issues.
According to the TMC Chairman, Al-Burhan, that the transitional period will not witness any disputes between the cabinet and the supreme council, as commentators. We expect that the members of the supreme council may divide into two groups when they debate on issues that concern the strategic plans or proposals, such as the ICC warrant of the ousted president Al Bashir, and the participation of Sudanese troops in Yemen war.
The FFC has no political experience, and it doesn’t understand the objective of the recent agreement, senior leaders in FFC don’t differentiate between mission of the transitional period and the period after election. They want to create a total change within day and night, while the TMC has explained that none of the political powers or parties can regulate laws or set constitutional proposal before elections, all the hot issues will be handed to an elected government.
This move proves that issues like peace, peoples’ livelihood and preparation to the general elections, alongside the rebuilding of the political parties, will lead the country peaceful way out, so If the transitional cabinet restricted its activities to services, it would satisfy the audience, and also it would establish strong democratic platform.
The way that adopted by the two parts, TMC and FFC to nominate cabinet members is considered as good entrance to sustainable civilian rule.
During the last three months, satisfied that Generals were more matured than Civilians in terms of exercising politic and leadership, civilians must learn discipline, responsibly and organization from military school, who proved its capacity to control the situation following the collapse of Al Bashir by nominating acting governors to rule the 18 states within 24 hours, while the civilians failed to nominate a Prime Minister till now.
I hope and look forward strong and strategic partnership between military institute and civilians to build Sudan of unity, peace and development.

Mohamed Abdalla

Economic Vision
Mohamed Abdalla
Mohamed Abdalla

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