Talk of the Hour: Optimism Overwhelms the Public over TMC/FFC Deal: Investigqtion Poll

Sudan Vision conducts a through investigation about the agreement that involves categorically both the transitional military council (TMC) and the freedom and change forces (FCF) which represents almost all the components of the Sudanese community nationally who reside here in Khartoum, the capital. Surprisingly, it is found that there is an unprecedented consensus over the issue. To begin with, there is Omar Abdulraziq, lawyer, who says that all the concerned parties of the agreement are to hasten pace to implement it, thus putting end to the present critical situation the country has been passing through. ‘This will enable us to deal with the many pending issues, especially the livelihood of the people and negotiation with the armed groups in a bid to attain peace.
Mohamed Mas’ad of the Salti institute for languages, says that the agreement should be a factor of optimism, seeing it as the rescuer to avoid the bloody scenarios that have been witnessed in the surroundings, neighborly and regionally and even globally.
Sitana Al Musharaf, secondary school teacher, indicates that and after a long period of frustration and suffering under the yoke of the former regime of president Al Bashir, the agreement is a golden opportunity to change themselves comprehensively for the better.
Mohamed Murtada, a businessman, explains that because the military are the ones who directly and adversely affected by what is going on in the country, it is no surprise to see them as the much happiest with the agreement, explaining that once they hear about it, they engage in distributing sweets to the passers by in pubic squares in celebration of the occasion.
Osman Abakar, construction worker, describes the agreement to function as war against the corrupts and therefore prompt restoration of the stolen public money and properties to the public treasury.
Saeed Ahmed Musa, surgery assistant, says that they are not in a position to presently judge the agreement, going further to describe himself as neither optimistic nor pessimistic, concluding his remarks to hopefully desire that to see that people sitting together on the ground as brothers consensually.
Faisal Abdalla Mohmed, a participant, says that all he can say about the issue is this;’ we hope that Allah the almighty is to install the righteous and the rational person to rule’.
Jabir Atitalla, educationalist, says that in order for the agreement to become truly feasible, all the political parties are to refrain from sharing to govern with TMC and FCF during the transitional period, citing in this regard the stance that is adopted by the national Umma party that it will restrict itself for the time being to provide advice and consultation to the ruling partners if the situation necessitates.
Shama Al Juzuli, economist, says that the Sudanese citizen is of bad need of for an agreement as such to overcome competently the many problems they have been hugely plagued with.
Babikir Mohamed Babikir, a university graduate who works as a driver, says that the agreement is good and will genuinely form a base for the birth of the new Sudan they aspire for, advising that the forthcoming period should witness appointment of the right person in the right place.
Mohamed Khalafalla ‘Ubeid, businessman, says that it is rumored that and based on the agreement, a woman that is much qualified will be installed to rule the country- a move if it is to materialize, will function as the positive turning point historically.
Al Tireifi Babikir, secondary school teacher, says that and based on the agreement, the new government should be formed instantly and without the least delay.
Al Samani Al Daw, university graduate, says that the agreement will hopefully create an internal and external state of connectedness, especially economically, thus in the process all kinds of obstacles will get rid of. ‘US can be cited here as the illustrative example. It imposes unbearable sanctions with the aim of strangling Sudan to death unmercifully’.
Abdul ‘Aziz Hassan Maki, businessman, says the agreement is good, pleading on all to exert utmost efforts to advance the country developmentally, disclosing that at the personal level, he is the one who has been hugely harmed by the former government of Al Bashir which has unjustly forced him to leave his job.
He goes on to indicate that the agreement, since it enjoys the support of US, Sudan will no longer to be crippled by impediments, thus accessibility to all the goodness regionally and internationally will just be reaped.
And a student who prefers to be called only Du’a, says that no way out but to accept the agreement due to the critical situation the country is in currently. ‘Hopefully, it is to practically enable us to profit nationwide very quickly -Amen’.

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