Building on Past Achievements and Opening Up New Horizons

–Opening Remarks for Launch of Column “China Focus” on Sudan Vision

On January 20, 2019 when China was going through the winter season, I set foot on the soil of Sudan to assume the role of 16th ambassador of the People’s Republic of China in the Republic of the Sudan. Coming in this capacity to Sudan, a great country forging a longstanding friendship with China, on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Sudan, I am deeply honored and keenly aware of the great responsibility on myself.
As an influential country in Africa and in the Arab world, Sudan plays a vital role in regional affairs. Adjacent to seven countries and standing at a crucial point at the Red Sea, Sudan sits in a strategically important area and is the gateway to the world for landlocked African countries and also a hub and channel connecting Asian and European continents. Boasting superior natural conditions in the vast land of 1.88 million square kilometers and abundant fresh water resources in Blue and White Nile Rivers, Sudan has a vast market with a population of 40 million and tremendous potential for development.
China and Sudan established diplomatic ties on February 4, 1959, and Sudan is among the earliest African and Arab countries that established such ties with China. The friendly exchanges between the two peoples date back to 2000 years ago, and the diplomatic relations between two countries have lasted for six decades. Brought closely together by longstanding historic origins and solid realistic foundations, China and Sudan have long been bosom friends although they are far apart geographically.
Just six months after I arrived in Sudan, I was deeply impressed by truth, goodness and beauty of this ancient civilized country. I was touched in the flying sand weather by friendliness, sincerity, simpleness, hospitality and tolerance of Sudan people which offers a sharp contrast with the undeveloped and rough environment; amazed by the perpetual flow of Blue and White Nile Rivers in the “World Stove” Khartoum and in primitive Darfur; and immersed in Sudan’s magnificence and softness bestowed by nature at the sight of the Pyramids of Meroe and the “Red Sea Pearl” Port Sudan.
Although Sudan is now experiencing a turbulent situation that is unprecedented in the past three decades, the overall friendly partnership between the two countries and their strategic consensus will remain unchanged regardless of how the situation will develop. Efforts made by China and Sudan to meet each other halfway in the past six decades contribute to their political mutual trust, mutual economic interest, mutual assistance in people’s livelihood, cultural exchanges and the intimacy of the two peoples. What we consistently follow is the spirit of equality and mutual respect. What we resolutely adhere to is justice and mutual support. And what we constantly practice is sincerity and win-win result. Our two countries have long been good friends that stand by each other regardless of hardships, close partners that share joys and sorrows, and also good brothers that are reliable and sincere to each other.
As a Chinese proverb says, “only from hearts can friendship lasts forever”. I am firmly believed that riding on the wave of the 60th anniversary of the establishment of China-Sudan diplomatic ties and under the framework of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation and the Belt and Road Initiative, China and Sudan will undoubtedly enhance their relationship to a more solid and sustainable level and witness new progress in their relationship.
The farther China and Sudan forge ahead hand in hand, the longer their friendship will pass from generation to generation. At this crucial moment building on past achievements and opening up new horizons, the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in Sudan launched a special column “China Focus” on the Sudan Vision, in hopes that it will serve as a platform to present Chinese politics, diplomacy, history, culture, social and economic development, and its experience in state governance, turn into a medium for Sudan people to learn about, familiarize themselves with and fall in love with China, and act as a bridge to publicize Chinese voices and sustain ties of friendship between China and Sudan.


Ma Xinmin Ma Xinmin

Ma Xinmin Ma Xinmin

Ma Xinmin                   Chinese Ambassador to Sudan

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