Economic Vision: Sudan Economic Facts after Revolution

The economic outcome of the ousted regime is frustrated, Sudan has been suffering for 30 years, in terms of banking system, Sudan financial policies, registered the worst “Banking” system, throughout the history. We didn’t hear, watch and read stories of clients who failed to withdraw from their bank accounts, the banker answer the questions of clients, that “we don’t have enough money for you to withdraw” they fixed certain amount, which is not meet even 1% of their needs.
In Sudan many people died due to the lack of liquidity, no cash in banks, millionaires who save money in banks failed to buy medicine to the family patients, or to buy enough food items. The corruption and wrong policies created lack of confidence between Banks and Clients, 90% of the supply fund is out of the bank circulation.
Sudan debts is US$ 47 billion, the inflation rate reached to 70%, while the poverty percentage is 95%, the fact of Sudan contradicts the resources and the economic potentials, this fact astonished even the economists, according to media reports, that Sudan public treasury received sum of US$ 100 billion during the last 10 years, it is a huge amount, it can change the fact from poverty to richness, the unemployment rate totaled to nearly 80%, most of the youth are jobless, while the ex-president didn’t exert efforts to tackle the economic crisis, he promised to more reforms, and asked citizens to be patient, at the time that he saved billions and millions of both national and foreign currencies, he didn’t utilize the money to address the economic crisis.
Since 11th of April, Sudanese hear attractive financial corruption stories, the media everyday reveals the biggest Sudan financial scandals exercised by the ex-president Al Bashir and the top leaders of the ousted regime.
To put things on the right track, we need fair, honest, transparent and patriotic politicians and economists.

Mohamed Abdalla

Mohamed Abdalla

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