Mirror: The Path to the Unknown ..!

The Sudanese situation presents a horrifying scene of the country’s prolonged collapse, and indeed its fate at all levels. It is living in a state of disintegration which is no longer able to survive on the political level, the social fabric, the economic situation, and the general national fragmentation, in addition to the security situation and the existential concern in which everyone is asked about his fate.
The talk has become general and, on every lip, and tongue that the country is over and there is no longer what connects the present with the past or the future. The question of whether this general Sudanese collapse may reach us in the unknown in the coming months remains a question in place.
In looking at the state of political institutions, the dominant feature appears to be disintegration and failure in composition and effectiveness.
There is a vacuum within months that disrupts the entire state and threatens the fate of the Republic.
In light of this vacuum at the political level, it is normal to be reflected at the level of administrative institutions, where corruption thrives and the citizen’s affairs are disrupted, and public services fall to the lowest level. Corruption is no longer practiced in secret.
They are ministers in the current government, who are supposed to be homogeneous. They are accusing each other of stealing public money and plundering state funds. They are fully justified in accusing each other.
What is referred to is a sample of the path to which Sudan is heading, a path that has been accumulating for years. Some of the results of the civil war with southern Sudan, whose chapters have not yet ended, took many of the people of the country one million square miles.
A Sudanese today ask about the inevitable fate that awaits him in the coming months, and he can explain the self that the birth of a Sudanese technocrat who seeks to save what can be saved so that the forbidden is not prohibited, and there is no chance of meeting.
It is known that stability is a human product characterized by flexibility and development, so its bodies are intertwined, one in the other, not separated, so we hope there will be mechanisms for the stability of Sudan and its security for beautiful future.

Khabir Othman

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Khabir Othman

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