US Police Search for Saudi Father Missing at Niagara Falls


RIYADH: US police in upper New York state are searching for a Saudi man who went missing while on a trip to Niagara Falls with his wife and three children.
Qassim Adawi left his family in their car on Sunday while he took photos of the waterfall, his wife said. She became alarmed when he failed to return after some time had elapsed, and contacted authorities.
The Saudi Consulate in New York said they had been in contact with the New York state police conducting the search. The investigator in charge said a witness had reported seeing someone fall into the water, and the investigation was continuing.
The consulate is also providing care and accommodation to the missing man’s family.
Adawi is from the village of Al-Adaya in Sabia province in the southern region of Jazan. He has been studying for a doctoral degree in business administration.
His family have appealed for assistance on social media in an effort to find the missing man. They have posted photos online of Adawi with his children in an effort to reach a wider audience.
Adawi’s friend and colleague Ibrahim Bakri also issued an emotional appeal on Twitter. 
He spoke of his last moments with his friend last Wednesday when they traveled together to the Saudi Embassy in Washington, DC.
The two young men shared a heart-to-heart conversation before promising to meet again when they returned to Saudi Arabia. Bakri posted a short but heartfelt prayer for his friend’s safe return to his loved ones, followed by the Arabic hashtag #NiagraFallsMissing.
Niagara Falls, three waterfalls straddling the US-Canada border, are among the world’s leading tourist attractions and attract more than 30 million visitors a year.

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