Roads and Bridges, a Priority for Development

Neimat al Naiem

Khartoum-Roads and bridges are important for devolvement process. They play key role in linking the areas of production with areas of consumption and the harbors for export. Before constructing such huge developmental projects, it is important to put into consideration the nature of the areas, the actual needs and the services to present t these areas. Before that is surveying process to the topographical, geographical nature of these areas, feasibility studies, planning, setting of correct perfect policies and strategies.Because success of such economic giant projectsdepend mainly on the planning.
Economists always say that, if you want a successful project, just plan for it. Taking some of the Sudanese bridges, roads and highways that link the different states, still there is mislinkage between the center and the rural areas.
The valuable, variable and rich potentials and natural resources distributed underground and over ground all the country participate effectively in the development process. The real development should start from the rural areas.This is important not only to link these areas with the capital that inhabited by about 8 millions of people.
Such project will reduce the continuous internal migration from the rural areas to the big towns and the capital in particular. Most of the natural resources livestock, agricultural schemes and projects, forests, deserts, valleys, rivers, mountains, minerals are found in these rural areas. The first step in any developmental process should begin from the rural areas.
Developed countries are set huge budgets for the infrastructures including highways, roads and bridges to facilitate the reach of its products from origin areas of production to the consuming areas and the harbors for export purposes.
Political stability is so important to set successfully these plans and strategies. This automatically leads to economic stability. As we always say, priority should be to the rural areas in development. Construction of national roads, bridges and highways will facilitate the voluntary return to the rural areas; to support the migration back to these rural areas. It may reduce the noticeable pressure of population on the big towns and the capital. This process also helps in increasing the basic services including schools, hospitals and clinics, water supply that provided to the rural areas.
It is high time to take things seriously; to complete the development process from the rural areas as first right step in the right direction.

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