Political Forces to Amalgamate to Form Broad Front: Dr. Salah

By: Ahmed Ibrahim

Khartoum – Leading figure of the Popular Congress Party (PCP), Dr. Suheir Salah, says that and because of the governmental executive vacuum and despite their reservation regarding the dual agreement between the transitional military council (TMC) and the freedom change forces (FCF), they are of the conviction that any agreement at this critical stage is something that is quite positive.
On the demands of the transitional period, she explains that all the political forces in the country are to stick to the following; ‘launching of campaigns to inculcate democratic values in the minds of people. Respect mutually of one another. Diversity should be administered competently. Tolerance should be preserved. And all people nationwide are to work for public interest’.
On the political forces in the country that share common aims, the leading figure of PCP advises that they are to amalgamate in the coming period to form one broad front -a situation that is to result in the true democratic transformation.
Dr. Salah says that they at PCP are not interested to participate presently in the executive apparatus, but rather, they are opting to prepare only for the coming elections, seeing that TMC through siding with the people becomes the genuine causal factor of change presently.
She concludes her remarks to talk about the requirements of the transitional period which are to include the following: ‘set of clear cut economic policies; and dealing competently with all the issues that relate to the community, such as the displaced persons, education and health’.

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