Moonlight: Al-Basar Charity Foundation Contributes more in Eye Treatment

Al-Basar Charity Foundation is a one of the institutions specialized in ophthalmology that offers its charity services for all people all over the world. Its vision says that all people are the same no difference between them. Who, he follows its charity activities he will know that the Foundation is playing a crucial role in ophthalmology domain.
The foundation was founded in Saudi Arabia Kingdom in 1989 to support efforts to combat blindness in the world. It provides its activities through free camps and hospitals in more than 44 countries in Asia and Africa.
Al-Basar charity Foundation has 28 hospitals spread throughout the world. It started its activities in Sudan in 1993. And as we know that Sudan is one of the largest sector of the institution and has nine qualified hospitals spread in a number of states as well as the treatment free camps are organized inside and outside Sudan, add to that Sudan is a country which characterized by the geographical strategic location in the central of African continent the strategic location of the Sudan allows the Foundation to enter in Africa without barriers.
The Foundation contributes significantly and effectively to rehabilitation and training of specialized medical personnel on the latest ophthalmic techniques. The Foundation has a specialized and leading faculty in the rehabilitation of medical assistant in the more of Makah Technical College of ophthalmology. It also has played a pioneer role in contributing to the implementation of school health programmes to combat blindness among pupils of the basic stage.
Al-Basar Charity Foundation operates through four axes such as eye free camps, hospitals, school health and education and training. I want to shed light into details, the first axis is a free Eye camps: the camps are the mainstay of Al-Basar International Charity to achieve its main goal in combating blindness where it started its medical activities in Eye disease in Sudan in 1993 with establishment of two camps in a year , the average number of camps per year was 36 free camps the camp is equipped with all needs of medicines, modern medical equipment and qualified medical personnel, the camps provide services to remote areas of villages and rural areas of those requiring eye and eye care services, the Foundation also organizes free medical convoys outside Sudan, where the Foundation represents the center of 26 African countries the average number of medical examinations in the camps is four thousand patients and it has about 400 operation and distributed more than 1500 medical glasses, this shows that the Foundation is non-profit institution, it is organization gives full-support and encourages the humanitarian work for all people all over the world it does not focus on specific sector of the people but its services include all people because it believes that all the people are the same in its real vision.
The second axis are hospitals: the Foundation established its first permanent hospital in 1995 in the suburb of Al – Manshiya in the name of Al- Maghrabi hospital has known for all the Sudanese people and soon expanded its activity until the number of hospital is amount hospitals are spread in number of states specialized in ophthalmology equipped with stait-of-the –art medical technology and trained medical personnel with all finer specialties.
The third axis is focusing on school health the Foundation gives full-support for this important sector who represents the generation of the future so that the Foundation conducts medical surveys aim to combat children’s blindness among pupils of the basic stage in cooperation with the competent authorities.
The fourth axis: is education and training the Foundation interest in this axis so that it works to rehabilitate and train medical and administrative staff inside and outside the Sudan to improve the efficiency of employees for the purpose of continuous improvement, this is why the idea of Makkah Technical College of ophthalmology was established in 2007. The College has played an important role in graduation qualified cadre who contributes and participates in residence the eye treatment within the country. I think this is positive advantage and a good gift for medical institutions which focusing on ophthalmology.
The Foundation’s vision provides leading Takaful services in the fight against blindness by international standards, and its message is a voluntary organization offering the best services in the field of ophthalmology and academic education and scientific research in Asia and Africa through qualified human cadres and modern technology in collaboration owners and donors build a trust relationship with partners to achieve and expectation of dealers.
The Foundation’s values are the following:
– Promotion of belonging
– Collaboration and teamwork
– Achieving efficiency and efficiency at work
– Achieving excellence in customer service
– Employees performance and performance partners
– Management objectives and results.

Ahmed Hassan Omer (Hurga)

Ahmed Hassan Omer (Hurga)


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