Orbits: Putting Our House in Order

Unquestionably, presently annoying shortages in all essential commodities across all parts of the country are reminder of nothing but we still lag behind.
This means that our efforts to speedy development will remain a far dream or at least sound like verbally realizable not practically.
It is hard to find an answer to the recurring question as to why our beloved country always seems to be going backward.
The question breeds other questions such as why the successive governments appear to be unable to stabilize basic services, which the citizens need every day.
Is it lack of long-term planning? Or is it the premature aging which dominates all the governments’ programmes? Or is it futility of the brains and expertise? Or is it the brain drain? Or is it lack of or wavering loyalty to Sudan? Or is it transforming politics from democratic to military regimes? Or is it an economic disease which incapacitates all experts? Or is it corruption and the cancer of personal interests which influenced all the successive regimes?
Any possible answer to the above questions could be true to a very great extent – that is to say – all the crises that have plagued the nation were the making of the successive governments.
Our surrounding countries are wrestling with poverty and limited natural resource; but have managed to achieve considerable success in development and are now miles ahead of us.
If you visit any African country you will return home entirely amazed by development and stability therein those countries.
It looks like – We are, up to now, doomed to failure to tap abundant national riches we are blessed with.
We are lost – not knowing whether to cry or laugh when we see Sudan has become among wheat and sugar importing countries, despite the fact that Sudan had announced to the whole world that it had done away with wheat and sugar imports bills thanks to self-sufficiency.
We don’t want to sound like a broken record to recall repeat the collapse of and ailing of some of our established institutions such as Sudan Airways, Sudan Railways, and Gezira Scheme etc.
Now we are heading to a civilian rule in which institutionalism and transparency in public work will prevail.
So we urge the Transitional Military Council and the Forces of Freedom and Change to hurry up in the formation of the government after they signed the political declaration.
The living conditions of the people are deteriorating day after day and any delay will lead to more complications due to the vacuum in the executive institutions.
The agricultural season needs more concern especially within the lack of fuel and the production inputs.
The electricity cuts became regular and affected negatively the agricultural and industrial sectors to the extent the tens of the factories are not operating due to the high cost of production a matter that reflected negatively on the prices.
There is no importation for the consumable commodities, not due to the lack of foreign currency but due to the increase of the customs levies in most of the commodities.
No importation of drugs due to the failure of the Central Bank of Sudan to provide the hard currency a matter that resulted to the shortages in the life-saving medicines.
There is a great chaos in the markets and the prices of the commodities are sky-rocketing.
The issue requires emergency measures from the upcoming government to rescue the situation.
Let the upcoming government start with rescuing the agricultural season and provide all the requirements of the industrial sector to allow the factories to resume operating, besides providing all the basic commodities to the people.
The rehabilitation of Sudan Airways, Sudan Railways, and Gezira Scheme.. etc. might take time, but the government should prepare the required studies and ask the international monetary institutions to assist in financing the rehabilitation programmes.
We can step forward if we start with strong political will and put the national agenda above any other agendas.

Muawad Mustafa Rashid

E-mail: khulud_10@yahoo.com
Muawad Mustafa Rashid

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Muawad Mustafa Rashid

Muawad Mustafa Rashid

Orbits E-mail: khulud_10@yahoo.com

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