Economic Vision: Media Experience in China (2-3)

The most interesting point in this program is “media trip” we conducted nearly more than 10 visits to different provinces, those media trips opened China to us to know that China is not a country, it is a continent, the most inspired provinces for me are Shanghai, Hubie and Sichuan, in Shanghai I learnt the business activities that let the city to be one of the most popular global cities, in Hubie you can experience the efficiency of the local governments while in Sichuan I discovered that in every single part of China there is a valuable historical story.
During this period China has witnessed important regional and international events, the FOCAC summit in Sept 2018, its importance comes from the international attention to its outputs, the next significant event is China Arab Forum which held in July 2018, because it tackled the main issues of cooperation between the two parts, for me and the Arab countries it is important because the president Xi Jinping announced “China Arab Press Center” I think the relation has entered a new phases, we know that African Arab countries has different issues, not like the other African countries, the third event is China International Imports Expo which hosted in Shanghai in November 2018. The most significant political event for me is “the two sessions” which was held in March, this event made me understand the unique political system of China which based on culture and nature of Chinese.
The program also created a room for exchanging ideas not only with Chinese, but also with African themselves and Asians, I think the duration of the program is quite suitable, but I suggest that it is better to appoint journalists from the previous participants from both Arab and African countries as assistants, for instance, every year you can choose two. Another thing I want focus on is the allowance; it must be revised according to the changes of prices and rate exchanges.
I think communication between Sudan and China is very important, because China is the main partner to Sudan, as media we need to cover business issues related to oil and agriculture, I suggest annual media forum to be held to discuss the bilateral relations and how can media introduce both Sudan and China to investors and companies, China has an experience in exploring oil in Sudan since 1998, so Sudan China media forum is the best mechanism to discuss issues in details, I do believe that CAPC is the headline for China African cooperation, but the details must be reviewed at bilateral levels.

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